VR + mocap prototype

Combining VR and full-body motion capture for highly physical virtual experiences.


This is a prototype VR game where two players fight with foam swords on a motion capture stage. The mocap data is streamed to the VR headsets to drive lightsabers and full-body characters in VR.

tracking & calibration

OptiTrack's official plugin for Unity supports neither 1:1 skeletal tracking nor Android & Meta Quest. I instead modified an old third-party plugin compatible with Android to support 1:1 skeletal tracking and the latest version of OptiTrack's NatNet API.

While OptiTrack supports VR headset tracking, the Meta Quest already tracks itself and with less latency. I wrote a system to initially calibrate a headset's spatial orientation to the mocap stage's. Once calibrated, the headset is responsible for its own tracking.


Bright light trails are a lightsaber signature. I wrote a simple mesh trail script that moves vertices behind the sabers as they swing.

I used several CC0 assets from and to create a placeholder lava planet environment. The robot model is a Unity standard asset.


I'd like to thank my friends Hazel & Matthew for testing and also coming on a late-night run to buy pool noodles for the swords. Thank you!